To entertain and inform, a platform for a diverse range of music in a social atmosphere

About / Committee

How are we managed, funded and supported?

The Society is managed by a committee elected from the Society’s members at the Society’s Annual General Meeting. The Committee is responsible for the arrangements of all the Society’s events and for the control of its finances.

Our events are funded mainly by annual membership subscriptions, entrance fees at the events and by grants from Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure. The Committee and members of the Society are particularly grateful to Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure for their generous support, advice and help in enabling us to meet in prestigious venues in the Borough.

The Committee

The management of Redbridge Music Society is undertaken by the officers and other members of a Committee elected annually at the Society’s Annual General Meeting. They hold office for one year and are eligible for re-election. From time to time, further members may be co-opted onto the Committee as need arises.

All arrangements for recitals, concerts and other events, the control of finance and the maintenance of an appropriate Business Plan are under the aegis of the Committee. The Society continually monitors and reviews its processes, procedures and operational policies.

The Committee meets regularly at Redbridge Central Library and democratically undertakes its work by sharing many of the activities necessary to run the Society amongst the officers and members of the Committee.
The elected officers and members of the Committee for the 2017-18 Season are:

  • Malcolm Billingsley – Hon Secretary
  • Ian Patience – Assistant Secretary
  • David Bird – Membership Secretary/Treasurer
  • Peter Arben